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Cali Capital Group

Cali Capital Group is a boutique wealth preservation company that combines technology, finance and real estate investment expertise to maximize available capital, monetize land, and uncover tax incentives that are most often missed.

We buy and sell Ground Leases, arrange Leasehold Financing, and secure Preferred Equity. Made up of experienced professionals in their respective fields, our team is able maximize the capital stack and increase leverage without diluting equity.

We specialize in making sure you’re utilizing the pieces to your puzzle in the most efficient, wealth-conscious way possible, so you get the most out of your resources and are headed for success from the moment we do business together.

Ground Lease / Sale / Leaseback

We buy, sell, trade and consult on Ground Leases with Mission Critical locations and BBB or better Credit Tenants. Corporations, Developers and Owners of Office, Multi-family, Mixed-Use, Industrial and Hospitality with properties in Mission Critical locations and Credit Tenants can benefit from this service by monetizing that land through long term Ground Sale / Leaseback arrangements. Once an arrangement is made, we can:

  • Dramatically reduce equity cash requirement for purchases and construction
  • Lower overall Debt Coverage Service Ratio (more money for Sponsor)
  • Unlock unrealized Equity for additional development
  • Maximize capital stack by mitigating risk in the short term and uncovering beneficial tax incentives the long term
  • Increase leverage which yields a greater ROE and IRR.

Leasehold Financing

Through years of successful business and networking, we are able to source the Leasehold / Building Financing sometimes necessary during Ground Lease financing. We have relationships with Banks as well as domestic and international Insurance companies that enable us to provide leasehold / building financing consistent with rates of conventional banks. Combining a Ground Lease with Leasehold Financing is the most efficient way to unlock the full potential of the arrangement which is outlined in our Ground Lease section.

Preferred Equity / Debt

Cali Capital Group provides preferred equity to owners and developers in the real estate and hospitality industries. Our Principles and Team have been providing JV equity for over two decades. We are a boutique company, so we only take on a limited number of assignments and we take our credibility and reputation very seriously. That considered, we are willing and able to obtain the first piece of the Capital stack (“Debt”).

Our Valuations team will find the “right fit” for all debt / equity scenarios by utilizing our long-standing relationships with opportunity funds, family office and private investors throughout the World. We often participate in the equity and/or provide substantive consultation and advisory services as well so we always have skin in the game.

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